Regency Park Homeowners

P. O. Box 54139, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74155-0139 Phone (918) 627-1043



City of Tulsa Trash Collection

It appears a number of our residents either are not aware of the City of Tulsa Trash Service regulations or have forgotten.  Please review the rules here and remember to remove your trash cart from the curb no later than midnight on your collection day.

There will be no collection services on the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on one of these days, the pick up schedule will shift one day for the holiday and all the following days that week to accommodate the disruption in scheduling. 



About Us

Homes in Regency Park were first constructed in 1963 by Mr. Nate Henshaw, who established the homeowners association to meet certain needs of our addition. In 1973, the developer turned over the responsibilities of the homeowners association to the residents. Our nine-member Board is elected annually at our regular homeowners association general meeting, and all Board members are unpaid volunteers who work many hours each month managing the association. The annual membership meetings are held the last Thursday in April and the last Thursday in October of each year. The Board holds regular monthly meetings.  Any member in good standing can come to a regular meeting and discuss an issue the individual member might have with the association. Meetings of the Board are otherwise closed, and only the elected Board members may attend the entire monthly meeting.

Current Board Officers: 

Holly Stabnick - President



Ruth Holland - Vice President



Beverly Thummel - Secretary/Treasurer



Communications, Records, Newsletter, email, & Website


Board Members at Large:

Laura Barrett - Member at Large

Tony Goodwin - Code Violations

Ken Reddick - Member at Large

Justin Vakilzadeh - Member at Large

Vacant - Member at Large

Vacant - Member at Large