Regency Park Homeowners

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City of Tulsa Trash Collection

It appears a number of our residents either are not aware of the City of Tulsa Trash Service regulations or have forgotten.  Please review the rules here and remember to remove your trash cart from the curb no later than midnight on your collection day.

There will be no collection services on the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on one of these days, the pick up schedule will shift one day for the holiday and all the following days that week to accommodate the disruption in scheduling. 





You can now pay your Association dues online!  

To pay a different amount, please call or email us.



Due to the number of COVID cases in Tulsa, the Regency Park HOA Board has decided to cancel planned activities for 2020.  At this time, we hope to have our regularly scheduled Annual Meeting in April of 2021.  The current Board will continue to serve until that time, and the budget approved for 2019-2020 will remain in effect (see on Documents page).

We have a large number of older residents in the neighborhood, and the Board doesn’t want to endanger anyone by holding a large meeting.  If a homeowner (or a renter) has any question at any time, please send a message through our Contact Us link.

There have been recent postings on the Nextdoor app stating the Board is planning to raise the annual assessment for homeowners.  This is absolutely not true.  We proposed an increase in 2018 only for new buyers and for properties used as rentals.  Sadly, a large number of properties used as rentals are not maintained, and this lowers the property value of all homes. 

Additionally, we are not paying off the wall along 51st Street as stated on Nextdoor.  The entire portion of the wall that has been constructed is paid for.  We are currently saving funds to finish the eastern section of the wall along 51st Street from 94th East Avenue to the Shannon Square shopping center.  Estimates received are in excess of $100,000 due to the number of underground utilities located at the far east end.  Funds collected from delinquent accounts are banked for this purpose, and we currently have $70,000 earmarked.

Documents traditionally distributed at the Annual Meeting include the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting, the budget proposal, and the Profit and Loss Statement.  As stated earlier, the approved budget for 2019-2020 will remain in effect until we are able to have an Annual Meeting.  These documents are available on the Documents page of our website,

And again, please don't hesitate to contact your Board with any questions.  

Regency Park Homeowners-Tulsa's Largest Mandatory HOA

Regency Park Homeowners Association was first developed in 1963, and is the largest HOA in Tulsa. We are legally established as a non-profit corporation whose dues are mandatory for every lot owner in the addition. Dues, however, are cheaper than most of Tulsa's mandatory associations. As our neighborhood has aged over the years, we have developed into a diverse middle class community whose population of residents are largely older, and often retired.  Regency was Tulsa's first neighborhood to be selected for AEP's underground residental electric program. Two thirds of the addition received a major street improvement project, along with new curbs and sewer drainage. Speed humps were installed to curb speeders. The entire mile from Mingo to Memorial north side of 51st Street received 43 high-intensity street lamps making the entrance area safer both for our homes and traffic on our street. Along with the completion of the second phase of boundary wall reconstruction, the city's Vision 2025 grant funded new signage, flower plots, with electric lighting and a state-of-the-art irrigation system. In 2013 the addition had one of the lowest crime rates in South Tulsa. These neighborhood improvements came as a result of this neighborhood coming together to support board projects, and dedication from several individuals who volunteer large amounts of their time and energy to make all our lives better.  This year we will complete our current neighborhood beautification projects and bring our residents closer together as one large family as we "Take Pride in Regency."

Your participation in our association is essential to meet our goals. We have a number of activities that must be successful in order to keep our grant and beautification project on target for completion prior to colder winter months. Numerous volunteers are needed just to take down the older standing wall. Individuals who presently don't wish to hold a board position are still encouraged to join the auxilliary volunteers group we are currently organizing. Contact the board for further details. Don't just stand on the sideline: get engaged in your community.


Wall Demolition & Re-Construction

In December 2014, members of the Homeowners Board and volunteers from the Church began demolition of one of the last remaining sections of the original wall.  The re-construction began in late March 2015 and is close to completion.




If you wish to email Board Officers, please go to the About Us Page and click on the Board Officer you wish to contact.